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Accidental Vlog: Episode 2

I’ve had some pretty pathetic visits to the doctors office, but the other day sitting on the table crying pathetically and saying to the doctor, “…it just hurts…and my skin… and all my clothes hurt so much!!” might be close to the top. I was diagnosed pretty immediately with the flu and sent home with drugs and instructions to rest up, which was tricky because fever dreams are CRAZY and my body felt like I had been entered into some kind of fight club. I remember at one point in my sweaty, feverish state having these very vivid images of Marmie rubbing Beth March’s legs in Little Women  when she has the fever so bad and trying to do the same to myself. Logic is funny when you’re sick.

But I am well now and attempting to play catch up after losing 3 days of my life. Here is a belated Episode 2 of the vlog for you. If you haven’t already, send me your address and I’ll send you a Christmas card! Check out what one of my fantastic readers wrote about it. I haven’t murdered him or anything!!


The “Scrooge Year”

A few years ago on Dec 26th, excess ribbon and gift wrapping still strewn about the house, my parents called my brothers and me into the basement. They sat us down for a “Family Meeting” and informed us that they were separating, which would eventually become divorce and remarriage (for my dad).

There is really no good time to be a child of divorce, but one of the drawbacks of a marriage falling apart so late in the game is that things are pretty well set at that point. We’d had 25 years to establish solid traditions and in one single moment in our damp smelling basement, those were all pulled out from beneath us.

At first, we floundered. And drank a lot. I even took one year off entirely and claimed it my “Scooge” Year, figuring we all get at least one in life and it seemed as good a time as any to play that card. Slowly and surely, though, my brothers, mom and I found our footing. It took a while, and facing the season of festive and tradition was hard. I even ran off to Montana for two of them. We have started new traditions. They are fun traditions and they will continue to grow and evolve as our family grows and evolves.

I have always loved the magic of Christmas, even when I was scrooging. I love the idea of a season devoted to love and twinkle lights. I love gifting to my friends and family and watching It’s A Wonderful Life on repeat. I love the smell of pine and haunting Advent carols. I remember knowing that even when I was in the blackness of scrooging, that I would find my way out and I have. This is my last Christmas season in Texas before heading back up to the great white north and I am excited to take advantage of all of it.

Happy Christmas Season!


Oh Christmas Tree

My grandfather used to tell my father stories about Pierre Frontinac, a fictional lumberman who worked in the Adirondack mountains. The stories involved adventure and wolves and always took place in the winter. My father used to tell us the same tales when we would go camping. I loved the stories of Pierre and the romanticism of being in the lumber business. Maybe that’s why I have always loved flannel so much.

So I figured it would be totally easy to chop down my own Christmas tree.

I had never been to a Christmas tree farm before this weekend or chopped/sawed anything down. Growing up we always procured our trees from the Boy Scouts and when I was an adult they were right around the corner, so I would make my brother come with me and we would just walk it home down the icy sidewalks. When I moved to Texas I stopped getting trees. I was feeling grinchy and always left for actual Christmas day, so I didn’t bother. As this is my last Advent season in the great state of Texas, I decided to go all out.

I was a little bit disappointed in Mother Nature for not realizing my plans and creating a perfect winter wonderland for the occasion. Instead it was warm and sunny and all around delightful. I told my friend we would just have to imagine the sparkle of white everywhere.



Coop came along for the experience and to inspect trees for squirrels. He liked the challenge of peeing on ALL of them!


We picked out the perfect one. It was full and beautiful, but also had plenty of character and charm. I grabbed the saw and set to work. Thank goodness I’d found a small one because I have little to no arm strength and it’s kind of hard once that saw really gets in there and I ended up making my friend finish it for me. Pierre can keep his lumber job. I’ll stick to just wearing flannel and call it a day.


It is a perfect tree and we came back and set it all up and I got nostalgic as I hung up each ornament. My mom gave me an ornament or two every year growing up so that when I was an adult and got my first tree, I’d have plenty to hang on it. Each one represents different stages of my life and I love seeing them decorating the corner of my apartment.


I have lots more photos posted on Instagram: @accmusicblog so be sure to check them out.

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Two Weeks Notice (…times 14)

I remember the first day of fourth grade more than any of the others. I wore purple leggings and a turquoise turtle neck and my mom french braided my hair. I remember standing in front of the school bus while she took my picture, and I remember walking into class and trying to be confident. The desks were spread out in rows and I was in the middle. I remember thinking that my teacher, Mrs. Brown, was amazing, because I thought all of my teachers were perfect and amazing at that age. Later, I would hate her because she blindsided me. Fourth grade is the year that things are different and challenging and I didn’t like being challenged! Then I loved her again because it turns out that being challenged is actually kind of amazing and there is so much out there to learn. And that is what is so magical about being 10 years old and why fourth grade has held such a special place in my heart.

I wanted to teach it. I wanted to be like Mrs. Brown and I wanted blind side students with new academic doors. I wanted to challenge them and even let them hate me because if I did my job right, they would discover what a great world all of that challenge opens up. So I studied and I volunteered in classrooms and student taught. I tutored, got a couple of degrees, substitute taught and I landed a job in that most special of grades.

Except the thing about teaching is that it is it is so much more than the idealism of discovery and learning. It is a job that resides in a very, very broken system and it is asking more of my life than I am willing to sacrifice. It is a job that has worn down my body and my soul and for several weeks in August and September, had rendered me to the point of crying on my morning walks to school.

So I quit. Because life is short and sometimes making my own happiness means leaving a profession that I thought would be my forever. That’s the great thing about life. It’s a choose your own adventure and I can change the course of that adventure whenever I need to.

Of course, teaching has a sort of anti-climactic “giving notice”. Despite my disgruntled feelings and burnout, I have the most amazing group of students and wouldn’t dream of bailing before opening as many academic doors for them as possible this year. So that is what I will do.

With those 117 more school days, I will also figure out what my next move is. Plan A (and there is a whole alphabet worth of plans) is to see if I can hack it as a writer. It is the most daring and scary of the plans, but also the one I am most excited about. Any advice is welcome.

I will also be leaving the great state of Texas. I came here 4 1/2 years ago seeking adventure and found it and fell madly and deeply in love with it, but I miss the northeast, the smell of leaves in the fall and the silence that a heavy snowfall brings. Mostly, I miss my brothers and would move to the ends of the earth to be with them. I am excited and ready and eager to start the next phase of what my dad always hoped would be a there and back again journey.

My destination is unclear at best and it will certainly be a challenge, but Mrs. Brown taught me what a fantastic world that can open up, so I’m ready for it.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year when silver bells ring, halls are decked, bells jingle, and on a midnight clear we have ourselves some figgy pudding! Or something like that. Christmas is coming and it means a season of twinkle lights, parking lot trolling, gingerbread houses, evergreens and gifts. Radios will play Christmas carols on repeat and we will find out just how many ways there are to perform Carol of Bells. So in honor of this most joyous, festive, love filled holiday, I bring you #AccidentalChristmas!

Firstly, be sure to follow Cooper on instagram and twitter @Coopterrier. He will be posting a festive photo each day during the month of December. He’s into Christmas almost as much as he is into ridding the world of squirrels.


Secondly, I have decided to add all of you, my amazing and wonderful readers and followers, to my Christmas card list. Send me your address and I’ll send you a personal, hand written letter from Cooper and me. We have a pretty awesome Christmas card this year! To get one, follow me on Twitter to DM me your address or send it to me in the contact section of this blog. I PROMISE that your address will be completely safe and unshared. I also promise that after sending your card, I will promptly delete any digital version of it. There will be no record of my ever having it except for the framed card you’ll have above your mantel forever and ever (which is where I am assuming you will be putting them, no?).  I also promise not to stalk you. Pinky swear.

A very social media Christmas

Thirdly, Euphoria Girl is starting a VLOG!! Starting Monday, tune into my channel on Youtube, where you will get to watch me rambling on about life and other interesting things every day. It promises to be awkward and ridiculous and if enough of you sign up for Christmas cards, I might be so inclined as to show off my sweet dance moves. Just kidding, I’ll probably start off with that because it’s my go-to nervous move.

Fourthly, in addition to chronicling all of my holiday shenanigans, I will be doing lots of giveaways! All you need to do to enter is share your fun and exciting festive adventures at #accidentalchristmas. Each week I will choose someone and send you something fabulous!

Finally, as this is a time of year for sugar cookies and tinsel, it is also a time of year for giving. Every year I donate to Heifer International, an awesome organization that is working with communities in a unique and wonderful way to help end world hunger and poverty. The are countless wonderful organizations making a huge and loving impact on our world who count on donations in order to make their work possible. What are your favorite organizations? Please share in the comment section below and help spread the word!

Happy Holidays! Happy Cheer! Happy Festive! Happy these cats singing Carol of Bells!


Euphoria Girl

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