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I can still recite The Gettysburg Address from memory. Because I’m super cool like that.

I am always telling people that I come from a long line of nerd. I’m not entirely sure they really believe me, just like how they never totally get that my parents were hippies and clowns until I show them this picture.

That’s me and yes, my childhood was as kickass as it looks! Be jealous.


But my family are definitely giant nerds. For one, I spent a significant portion of my childhood traveling around the country to chess tournaments. I don’t play because I think chess is as boring as scrabble and golf. I know how to play and played in a tournament or two so as to have earned an actual chess rating. You can google it. nbd. My brothers, however, are badass chess players. They know what Sicilian Defense and Kings Gambit mean and how to do them properly. (The Sicilian Defense makes me think of The Princess Bride and I am always disappointed when “INCONCEIVABLE” isn’t randomly shouted out during tournaments). They have even played with many of the real life characters mentioned in Searching For Bobby Fischer (one of my top five favorite movies of all time. It’s on Netflix. Watch it).

My dad was a bit of a comic book nerd (how else would I grow up to have glasses that I refer to as my ‘Clark Kents’) and my parents were both pretty big Star Wars and Trek aficionados. My dad read us Tolkien before bed at night and played us records of Beethoven and Mozart (also a lot of Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker because he’s also a hippy). We went to a LOT of museums. If I was to ever join a gang, it would be the singing and dancing kind (we also watched a lot of musicals) and we would flash the Live Long and Prosper sign as our gang signal, but we would be totally badass about it. Because it would be a gang.

I once memorized the Gettysburg Address as a Christmas present to my grandfather. The next year I learned and recited The Lady Of Shalott, because Tennyson is awesome and it made my dad cry. Childhood activities included dissecting owl pellets and once, when we were on a cross country vacation, we decided it would be super cool to examine the scat of various animals along the way. We also burned buffalo chips because that’s what Laura Ingalls did.  It smoked a lot but totally worked. I once beat a random guy in a bar at naming all 50 states (I do NOT know the song) and he paid for all of my drinks.

In their spare time, my dad and brother like to solve physics questions posed on youtube videos. In my spare time I turn myself into a super hero and battle pink robots. I also spend a lot of time on pinning nerdy things on Pinterest.

What I love is that I never realized how super nerdy my family was or that it wasn’t totally normal to recite old presidential speeches and now I live in an age when being nerdy is actually super cool and can use my nerdiness to get free drinks. It also gives me hope that one day I really will be able to join that singing and dancing gang that flashes the Live Long and Prosper sign and is totally badass.


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You are totally delightful! My dad is a Maths professor – when he got new glasses I asked him if he was going to get big thick nerdy specs. He said he was already a nerd be didn’t need glasses like that to prove it :) It’s really nice that people don’t recoil in horror when you mention maths anymore and it’s a bit more mainstream to get excited about how the universe works or David Attenborough documentaries or board games :D


Love this post. I’m trying not to be jealous of your awesome childhood. Can I join your gang? I can totally do the Live Long and Prosper sign. For our meeting location, I’m thinking the library would be appropriate. We’ll figure it out…

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