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My Filtered Life

You know your brother is a hippie when he brings his own peanut butter jars to the bar. You know you’re in Montana when they fill it with booze like it’s no big deal.

photo (70)
vodka cran tastes so good when you’re loving on the environment

Conversation from Montana:

Max: So what did you think of “Rum Boogie” last night?

Me: It made me really proud of my life choices so far.

Max: Right? That’s what I think every week.

Me: The music was pretty terrible. At one point I thought someone was killing cats back there but it was just really bad electronic music.

Max: Yeah, there’s nothing worse than a hippie who likes to dj dubstep.

Me: Also, what is with the smell? It was overwhelming. One person said it smelled like feces and decaying flesh.  Another said it smelled like salmon skin. The fact that those were even options is just not right.

Max: Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Me: I also realized that this place would make a great reality show. Everyone is ridiculous and gross and dramatic and makes bizarre life choices.

Max. I’ve thought that a lot. Except no one gives a shit here so no one ever cries. I’m pretty sure that’s required of a reality television show.

Me: Yeah, they’re pretty encouraging of crying.

I would provide you with lots of updates, but my travels have put me behind on my music blog and I took a break from most everything else last week to participate in mountain snow sports and dance in clubs that smell like salmon skin. Cooper and I are jetting off tomorrow for Upstate, NY to visit fam. I will leave you with a few of my favorite pics from the first half of my travels. May tomorrow find you wearing an abundance of sparkles and making out with someone hot at midnight. Or at least may you drink enough that you think he’s super hot at midnight!

photo (71)
NYC-Christmas is a very balls friendly holiday.
photo (73)
walking in a winter wonderland is beautiful but really slippery and cold.
photo (72)
Christmas Day snow shoeing! Oh nature, you are divine!


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