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My Filtered Life

Here is a drinking game everyone should try:

1. Go to as many bars as possible

2. Limit one drink per bar.

3. Write a haiku for each bar.

4. Dance at any place that has music (unless it’s a super Texas bar and everyone is two-stepping and ALL of your anxiety comes out and you want to crawl under the table and hide (and almost do). In that case, play the piano they have in the other room instead.)

5. If there is a photo booth, be ridiculous. Duh.

“In Hotel Vegas

What happens only stays weird-

This is Austin y’all”


Drinking a Lonestar

National Beer of Texas

We’re deep in the heart


I completely missed last week’s update and this one is coming two days late, so here goes:

Accidental Music: I’ve actually been a pretty terrible music blogger lately. I always end up becoming a total hermit this time of year and I got one of those boxes so I can watch Netflix directly on my tv, so it’s pretty impressive that I even make it to work every day. I have big plans to catch up on the awesome music happening right now and am working on my SXSW Vol 3 playlist. If you haven’t already, check out the first two volumes. They are filled with lots of awesome new artists.

Accidental SXSW 2013 Vol 1

Accidental SXSW 2013 Vol 2

In geek and Pinterest news, I have finally started catching up on season 7 of Doctor Who (is it bad that I’m a little bit looking forward to them getting rid of the Ponds?? It probably is. I don’t care.), and I have obviously watched the Superman trailer on repeat, so I was SUPER excited when I found THIS . Worlds colliding.

And in teaching news, today I got to pry open the mouth of a small child so I could reach in and pull out some sort of blue foreign object she thought it was ok to chew on. I also had to use VHS and cassette players because teaching pre-k is a lot like time travel.

Here are some of my favorite photos from last week.

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